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ฟรอนเทียร์ – อำมหิตสุดขอบ

#Frontier(s) (French: Frontière(s)): French horror film.
Written and directed by: Xavier Gens
Produced by: Laurent Tolleron and
Starring: Estelle Lefébure, Samuel Le

Bihan and Aurélien Wiik.
Music by: Jean-Pierre Taieb
Cinematography: Laurent Barès
Edited by: Carlo Rizzo

Release dates: 1 July 2007 (Agde Film Festival)
Running time: 108 minutes[1]
Country: France,Switzerland
Language: French,German
Budget: $3 million

ประเภท: Horror , Thriller
ปี: 2007 (France)
ความละเอียด: LOW HD
เสียง: sountrack

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